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Here is the Beautiful Father's Day Poem in English. Awesome heart touching text, hope you will like it. This is from the collection of Father's Day Poems, we have stored for you. Send it to your Dad to thank him for his greatness. Don't forget to make your comments below. Also check our other articles on Happy Father's Day 2016.

Happy Father's Day Poem

Children Need a Daddy,
For Many Many Things,
Like Holding Them High Off The Ground,
Where The Sunlight Sings!
Like Being The Deep Music,
That Tells Them All is Right,
When They Awaken Frantic With,
The Terrors of The Night!
Like Being The Great Mountain,
That Rises in Their Heart,
And Shows Them How They Might Get Home,
When All Else Falls Apart!
Like Giving Them The Love,
That is Their Sea And Air,
So Diving Deep or Soaring High,
They Will Always Find Him There!

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Happy Father's Day 2016 Short Poem

Daddy You Are The Best
Daddy You Are The Best,
However You Live In The West.
Stay The Way You Are,
When You’re Driving Your Sports Car.
You Couldn't Be A Better Dad
Oh Yeah, Don’t Go Driving Around Mad
I Love You For Ever
Because You’re Really Clever
Even Though I Push And Shove
I Will Still Show All My Love

We Wish You A Happy Father's Day in Advance!

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