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Beautiful Poem to Wish on Father's Day 2016. Words that will touch your heart. A true tribute to fatherhood. Share among your friends on social media like we chat, whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or Google plus. This is an ultimate poem for Father's Day 2016. Find some more Father's Day Poems on this site.

Father's Day Poem
What Makes A Dad?
God Took The Strength of A Mountain,
The Majesty of A Tree,
The Warmth of A Summer Sun,
The Calm of A Quite Sea,
The Generous Soul of Nature,
The Comforting Arm of Night,
The Wisdom of Ages,
The Power of Eagle's Flight,
The Joy of A Morning in Spring,
The Faith of A Mustard Seed,
The Patience of Eternity,
The Depth of A Family Need,
Then God Combined These Qualities,
When There Was Nothing More To Add,
He Knew His Master Piece Was Complete,
And So...
He Called it Dad!
Happy Father's Day!

Stay tuned with us for latest update on Happy Father's Day 2016!

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