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Here you will find the Best Friendship Day Sms 140 Words, Friendship Day Shayari and Friendship Day English Quotes. All the young boys love to celebrate the Friendship Day 2016.

So on this occasion you can greet your loving friends, sending them Friendship Day Sms and Shayari. Please see below Lovely Friendship Day Sms With Pictures. You can share these Friendship Day Shayari and SMS Pictures among your Whatsapp friends.

Friendship Day 2016 Sms

A Genuine Friend Is Somebody Who Considers
That You Are A Decent Egg Despite the Fact That
He Realizes That You Are Somewhat Broken.
Joyful Friendship Day!!

Friendship Is Like A Tree...
It Is Not Measured On How Tall It Could Be,
But Is On How Deep the Roots
Have Grown...
Happy Friendship Day!!

I Made A List Of My Dearest Person,
And I Wrote Them Down In Pencil,
I Included Ur Name But Wrote It in Permanent Link,
Because I Have Decided To Keep You In My List Forever.
Happy Friendship Day!

Before 3 Days,
Before 72 Hours,
Before 4990 Minutes,
Before 302100 Seconds,
I Am the First
Who Is Wishing You?

God Is So Wise That He Never Created Friends With Price Tags,
Because... If He Did, I Can't Afford a Precious
Friend Like You!!!
Happy Friendship Day!!

Share above Friendship Day Sms among your friends and fellows. Hope you liked our collection of Friendship Day Sms.

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