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Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Wishes Girlfriend

You’re Face: Always Stays In My Eyes
Your Smile: Takes Away All My Stress
Your Voice: Delights Me and Cheers Me Up
Your Feelings:Keep Me Connected To You
Your Charm: Attracts Me Like Nothing Else
Your Honesty: Makes Me Feel Secure
Your Mind: Reads Me the Best
Your Magic: Surprises Me All the Time
Your Fantasy: Gets Me Naughty
Your Personality: Keeps Me Hooked
Your Presence: Lifts Me Up
Your Moods: Excite Me Like A Child
Your Touch: Makes Me Come Alive
Your Compliments: Gives Me a High
Your Attention: I Want More & More
Your Silence: Gets Me Thinking
Your Happiness: Brightens My Face
Your Spark: Lights the Fire In Me
Your Energy: Keeps Me Going Your Happiness: Brightens My Face

I Love You My Sweetheart!! Happy Birthday!

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