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Top 12 Friendship Day Whatsapp Status for Friends: This might attract you if you were looking for some impressive Friendship Day Status for Whatsapp. This is a collective effort to provide you the ultimate Friendship Day Quotes to change your Whatsapp Status on this Friendship Day.

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Friendship Day Whatsapp Status

Friendship Day Whatsapp Status

No hiding under covers, I will accept all your flaws whole-heatedly without any hints of judgment; just absolute understanding.

Even if we will be parted in the future, nothing will change if we meet again. That’s genuine friendship!

It hurts me to see you cry so wipe all the tears and get up. We’ll work together to make everything all right.

Don’t be afraid to fall because I am going to stay through it all. I’ll always be here to catch you.

If you did something wrong, you don’t have to explain because I don’t need it. I’ll just forgive you.

Got your thigh bones broken? I’ll be the crutch to be your support on help you walk on.

I will stand by you no matter what; through the good times and the bad times.

If you are shivering in the midst of the winter, I’ll be here to be to keep you safe and warm.

If you are afraid to cross a highly situated bridge, don’t worry because you will never walk alone.

You are a blessing from God. Because of you my problems are a piece of cake.

If you are too weak to battle, rest until you got your strength back while I fight your fight.

I’m so delighted and enliven to find such people in my life that bring out the best in me.

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