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Share this Beautiful Valentine's Day Poem with your lover with whom you have fallen in love.. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend or looking for someone to make yours, you must express your heart feelings with your partner.

Valentine's Day Poem 2016

Valentine's Day Love Poem

As long as you love me,
I'll stay by your side,
I will be your companion,
Your friend and your guide.

As long as you love me,
As long as you care,
I'll do anything for you,
I'll go anywhere.

I'll bring you the sunshine,
I'll comfort you fears,
I'll gather up rainbows,

As long as forever,
My love will be true,
For as long as you love me,
I'll only love you.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Quote 2016

The Best Smell in The World is That Man That You Love..

Happy Valentine's Day...!

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