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Hello Readers,

I am Parshant, working in a multi-national organization in New Delhi. My home town is in Chandigarh. Here I am with you to share my Valentine Story. This is my real experience that I am sharing with you frankly. I don’t know why but it’s my feeling to share this Valentine Story. Please read the complete story and then share your views about my Love Story.

The story starts, when I was pursuing my B.Teck from a well known college of Ludhiana in Punjab. I got a call from my dad that I have to attend a marriage function of my cousin in Mumbai on 11 January. My dad was not well those days so he wanted me to attend the marriage ceremonies in Mumbai. So finally I decide to leave for Mumbai. I went to Railway Station and booked a ticket from Ludhiana to Mumbai, however I was in waiting list. I thought It might be clear till the date of journey.

One day before my journey I confirmed on Railway Inquiry that my ticket was in RAC means reservation against cancellation. I thought that I will get the chance to enter the coach atleast and will get a shared birth too. So I decided to travel with the same ticket. Next day I went to market, purchased some new dresses, accessories and a deodorant. I reached the Station in time on the same day.

I train I managed to share a seat with an old age uncle. He said that he is travelling up to Delhi. So I was pleased to know that I will be able to get the full seat after Delhi arrives. I was trying to pass my time reading Newspaper and little surfing internet on my Smartphone. However it was uncomfortable to sit in congested atmosphere.

Well Delhi arrived; I was supposed to be relaxed. But I was wrong. A beautiful girl stepped in train and she asked me that the seat on which I m sitting belongs to her. She told me that she had a confirmed reserved ticket for the same seat. That girl was too beautiful that I was stunned to see her beauty. I was speechless, still I gathered a little courage and urged her if she could adjust the seat with me. But she was not in mood to share the seat anyhow. I requested again but in vain. She replied to me that she had to pay double for the confirmed seat. She told me that she has to travel to Mumbai. So no chance left for me.

I gave the seat to her and kept standing waiting for a TTE to come and allot me a shared seat. The train started to crawl towards its journey. I was feeling ashamed. After a few minutes wait finally the TTE came. He was having a reservation chart and was checking all the passengers’ tickets. Before I could ask him about a seat, he checked the ticket of that girl and declared that she was also having a RAC ticket. That girl was shocked to hear that. She told to TTE that the booking agent told her that the ticket is confirmed, but the TTE showed her the complete chart and said that the ticket was RAC and she will be given a shared seat. Obviously the girl felt sad. Somewhere I was enjoying the circumstances.

Suddenly I got an idea to get revenge from that girl. I asked the girl to give her ticket to me promising her that I will talk to TTE for a confirmed seat for you. I went to TTE and requested him to please allot the same seat to that girl and me. I told TTE that the girl is my friend and we have to travel to Mumbai together. The TTE agreed and allotted a single birth/seat to both of us. He made the necessary changes in our tickets and the reservation chart.

I came back to that girl and told her that I could not manage seat for her, infact she has to share the same seat with. No other option was left. She had to agree and I was feeling pleased to see my successful plan.

The train was running to its full speed. I was looking to her beauty constantly, while she was feeling shy to face me. Perhaps she was searching for the feel apology. Finally I broke the silence. I asked her name. In reply she said, “Sorry”. “Nice name” I further replied. She smiled and told me that her name is Priya. Thus we started to talk some about one another. Now she was looking a bit comfortable with me. She told me that she belongs to middle class family of Delhi and she was going to Mumbai for an interview. We also had long chit-chat about our hobbies, family, future plans etc. She told me that her elder sister is married in Surat and she might come to meet me on Surat Railway station.

As I observed that Priya is quite frequent with me, I asked her frankly if she could go on a date with me on Valentine Day after her interview and the marriage of my cousin. Surprisingly she agreed…Oh my God! I was on seventh sky. My mind started to make plans for our Valentine Date. I was thanking God and of course my Dad who asked me to go to Mumbai. The time was passing and so was the journey.

Priya was anxious to meet her sister in Surat. She asked me, when the train will reach Surat. I checked in my phone and told her that she has to wait for 2 more hours. After one more hour passed, her phone ranged. It was call of her sister. I observed multiple feeling on her face when she was talking to her sister. I could not hear what her sister was saying. After talking to her sister, Priya told me that she won’t be able to go Mumbai with me as her brother in law asking her that he is going to Mumbai his company work and Priya has to go with her Jeeja.

This was a big shock for me. All my Valentine Day Plans were ruined in a moment. I could not show my sadness to Priya. She already felt sorry about this. But she promised me to meet some another day. She gave me her mobile number also. I was speechless and stunned. Surat Railways Station was about to arrive. I helped Priya to pack up her luggage.

Finally Surat station arrived and Priya left me alone for the rest of my journey. I was still thinking about my Valentine Day Date. I said goodbye and best of luck with a fake smile on my face. This was the end of my First Valentine Day.

As the time passed, I got the chance to meet Priya again in my life. I will share my experience about that in my next story. So stay in touch…Happy Valentine’s Day.

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