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Celebration of 26 January, Republic Day: Essay- Speech for Students

26 January is one of the most important dates in the Indian history. The 26 January is celebrated as the Republic Day of India. On this day, India declared itself as the Republic country. 26 January is celebrated by every Indian in India and overseas countries.

As we all know, India got Independence on August 15, 1947. After the Independence, the freedom fighters of India started working on the constitution of India.

On November 26, 1949 the constitution was passed in the Constituent Assembly. However, the constitution was adopted on January 26, 1950. Since that day, it is celebrated as Republic Day.
The reason why January 26 was selected is because on the very same day in 1930 the Declaration of India was passed.

The Republic Day is celebrated in India with special parade on Rajpath Bhawan on January 26 of every year. Grand parade is the main event of Republic Day three day event, and ends on January 29th.

On January 29th, a special ceremony is held at the end of three day celebration.

To make Republic Day grand, a special parade is held every year on Rajpath Bhawan on January 26th.

Before the start of parade, the Prime Minister of India lays a flower on the Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial, located in the capital city Delhi.

Amar Jawan Jyoti is a memorial, dedicated to the Indian soldiers, who have lost their lives during the Independence Day and different wars.

Prime Minister of India along with other important VIP’s, keeps two minutes silence for the Unknown soldiers who died for the country during the freedom fight.

The Republic Day parade starts with President unfurls the National flag Tiranga as the National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana) is played, and 21-gun salute is given. After the National Anthem, prize distribution of important awards like Kirti Chakra, Ashok Chakra are distributed by President of India, right before the Army march past.

Next the President of India, awards the civilians of India for their bravery and excellence on Republic Day.

Children who receives bravery award on 26 January, rides on very beautifully decorated Elephants along with the parade.

In addition to Indian Air Force and Indian Navy, different regiments of Indian Army march past in beautiful costumes with their bands and cheerful music.

The Commander-in-chief of India i.e. President of India takes salute from the Army. One of the most beautiful things about the Republic Day Parade is the beautifully decorated Camels from Border Security Force.

Next to this is beautiful tableau from the different states of India. Each of these tableau's represents different culture and history of each state of India. These colorful tableau's are the soul of Republic Day Parade.

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These colorful tableau's are followed by the Folk dancers from the different states in all colorful dresses. Students from different schools, sing all the patriotic songs in the front of India’s Republic Day guests.

In the end of 26 January parade, the parade gets ends with colorful fly pasts from the Indian Air force. The fighter plans which are used in Wars, are used to show sparkle the sky with different colors in sky. The fighter jets leave a smoke tri-color tail in the sky, which symbolize the Indian flag.

Rose petals are showered from the sky and tri-colors balloons are floated in sky. In the night, all the government buildings are decorated with special lights.

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