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Valentine Day History: Why Lovers Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is the day of lovers. It’s for the people who have romantic feelings in their hearts. It is said that love is human feeling. The Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to express your feelings for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or beloved. Everyone knows that Valentine is celebrated all over the world on 14 February every year. Some of people know but most of people don’t why Valentine’s Day is celebrated? And why it is celebrated on 14 February? Let’s try to find some facts about Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine's Day Wiki History

Valentine's Day Facts

Valentine’s Day is also celebrated as Saint Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated in many countries in the world. Valentine’s Day is not declared as a holiday in most of the countries. All Public organizations like post office, government offices, and banks remain open in most of countries on this day. The story of Valentine's Day starts in the 3rd century with an oppressive Roman ruler and a polite Christian Martyr.   The ruler was Claudius the 2nd.   The Christian name was Valentinus. Claudius ordered all the Roman people to worship twelve gods, and declared a crime punishable by death to the people who associate with Christian’s community. But Valentinus didn’t follow this statement and he was arrested by the king and put into the prison. During the end weeks of Valentinus's life an amazing thing happened. Observing that Valentines was a man of learning, the jailer asked him if Valentinus can teach his daughter Julia. The girl was blind from her birth but her mind was quick and intelligent. She was pretty gorgeous girl. Valentinus taught the stories of Rome's history to Julia. He described the world of beautiful nature to Julia. Valentinus also taught her arithmetic and the kindness of God. Julia was able to see the world through his eyes. She was impressed by his wisdom and vision of life.

One day Julia asked Valentinus that do God really hear the prayers of human. Valentinus replied, yes! God hears to all his children. Julia said that she want to see all the things that Valentinus had told her about this world. Then Valentinus also prayed for Julia. After sometime a miracle happened in the dark chamber of the Jail. A Sparkle appeared and suddenly Julia shouted, Valentinus! I can see.” On the last day of his life, Valentinus wrote the last note for Julia, urging her to remain close to God. At the bottom he wrote, "From your Valentine." Valentinus’ sentence was carried out on February 14, 270 A.D. It is assumed that Julia planted a pink-blossomed almond plant near his grave. Now that plant has become the symbol of abiding love and friendship. From the day the Valentine Day is celebrated as the day of love and affection.

From time to time the way of celebration has been changed. These days the Valentine’s Day is much colorful comparing to the past days. Modern age lovers celebrate the Valentine’s Day in their own style. It’s common to go out for a date with your beloved or fiancé. Now a day’s several other days like, kiss day, rose day, promise day, propose day, teddy day and chocolate day have also become a part of Valentine Week. This festival has also been commercialized by many of local and international companies. It’s a common trend to send a Valentine Greeting Card to someone special in your life. Many companies present latest and beautiful designs of Romantic Greeting Cards every year. So this was story and history of Valentine Day. We have also collected much useful stuff for upcoming fest of love. Please do check that and let us know how you do like our efforts.

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